Focus on consuming high fibre, low energy and nutrient dense, “Nutrigen Fibre Drinks”, “Nutrigen Fibre Puddings” and “Nutrigen Fibre Smoothie” offering both health benefits and pleasure in avoiding childhood overweight and weight gain.

Nutrigen Fibre Drinks, Nutrigen Fibre Puddings and fibre Smoothie are for preventing childhood over-weight and weight gain. High dietary fibre intake has useful role in weight reduction. High fibre foods possibly effects on satiety, reduces caloric density of food and slows rate of food ingestion.Nutrigen Fibre Drinks, Nutrigen Fibre Puddings and fibre Smoothie are enriched with micronutrients and phytonutrients all are with well-established activity against weight gain, while promoting good health. All these are called Nutrigen Nutrifoods.


Obesity and excess weight among children have reached epidemic proportions world-wide.Energy dense foods with no nutrients (Empty Calorie Foods) and a sedentary life style are recognised as major contributors.High dietary fibre intake, regular physical activity and low energy-dense foods protect children against overweight and weight gain.To combat excess weight, different actions can be done on nutrition. The strategy should involve;

  • Switching from consuming empty calories to eating nutrient-dense foods,
  • Adopting a well-balanced diet based on obtaining energy from various sources,
  • Avoiding excessive glycaemic fluctuations,
  • Consuming more fibre, nutrient-dense low energy foods.
Nutrigen has solutions for “No More Empty Calorie” nutrition.


Empty calorie treats should be avoided. Avoid Junk foods, soda and limit your children juice intake, as all are empty calories and make children too full to eat healthier foods. A better choice would be an actual piece of fruit and Nutrigen fibre puddings, fibre drinks or fibre smoothie which contain satiating fibre, micronutrients and no sugar.


Join “Nutrigen Hand in against Childhood Obesity initiative” to get your child’s health on track and learn healthy living tips for the whole family. Childhood obesity is on the rise in the world. Many clinical trials find an alarming increase in the number of children with severe forms of obesity, whose body mass index far higher than children of average healthy weight. Kids are becoming more severely obese when they are younger, that they are going to become sicker as younger adults. Children and families need more education programs and initiatives about healthy life style decisions when fighting against childhood obesity.

Action Steps;
  • Serve your child a healthy plate full of fruits, vegetables and nutrifoods
  • Encourage at least 1 hour of physical activity everyday
  • Limit media time to 2 hours
  • Eliminate all empty calorie foods, junk foods and fat. Make water or salutary drink your child’s go-to beverage.
Quick look at the facts;
  • Among Children ages 2 – 18, 1 in 3 are overweight or obese.
  • Obesity over the years is increasing
  • 2 in 3 over weight adolescents become over weight adults
Obese children are more likely to have;
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Breathing problems
  • Joint problems
  • Lost self-esteem
Manage your Child’s life-style;
  • Cut calories
  • Make them go for exercise
  • Spend less time engaged with TV, computers, cell phones, video games
  • Manage your Child’s plate
  • Serve a healthy plate, avoid junk foods, encourage low calorie, nutrient dense, high fibre nutrifoods.