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Kids' Nutrigenomics

All products in the Nutrigen range have been formulated to meet a well-documented need where optimum benefits have been identified to help children to be healthy today and tomorrow. Nutrigen acts according to scientific results. All formulations are flexible and new formulations can be created when scientific evidence supports new ingredients that will help children face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Gets Your Children Well Over Average

Focus on consuming high fiber, low energy and nutrient dense, “Nutrigen Fiber Drinks”, “Nutrigen Fiber Puddings” and “Nutrigen Fiber Smoothie” offering both health benefits and pleasure in avoiding childhood overweight and weight gain.

Fiber Puddings
  • Nutrigen Vanilla Smoothie contains is high fiber, protein rich and nutrient dense. Moreover it contains 18 amino acids but no added sugar. Personalize your children’s smoothie by adding their favorite fruits into the blender to boost the taste. Nutrigen Vanilla Smoothie is fresh and delicious
Nutrigen United Kingdom Health Magazine


Your Healthy Living is a glossy Free in store consumer magazine committed to raising awareness of natural health products and bringing the latest news to health conscious consumers all over the UK. Nutrigen takes place on back cover of April 2018.

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