Today’s challenge for both parents and paediatricians is to ensure that children are not only born healthy and remain healthy as children, but also to ensure they grow up to be healthy adults, because health in adulthood is deeply rooted in childhood. Nutrigen Kids Nutrigenomics is the brand name of our personalised nutritional supplements for children. We believe all children are different, and so are their needs. That’s why Nutrigen Kids’ Nutrigenomics give your child an individual and significant nutritional boost. Nutrigen supplies all the necessary vitamins, minerals and Nutrigenomics to children in different forms; such as syrups, sprinkles and beverages, to cope up not only with today’s challenges, but also any challenges to come. Nutrigen helps children in building their future life.

All products in the Nutrigen range have been formulated to meet a well-documented need where optimum benefits have been identified to help children to be healthy today and tomorrow. Nutrigen acts according to scientific results. All formulations are flexible and new formulations can be created when scientific evidence supports new ingredients that will help children face the challenges of today and tomorrow.


We expect that most pregnancies will bear normal babies, which will grow up into healthy young adults free of the risk of serious disease. We also believe that many common diseases and causes of death in adulthoodmay be preventable through changes in living conditions, diet and lifestyle. There is strong evidence that poor environmental conditions are the principal determinants of ill health at all stages of life, and it follows that the optimal time to intervene to correct them is in early life. The challenge to paediatricians now is to ensure that children are not only born healthy and remain healthy, but also grow up to be healthy adults.

When it is increasingly clear that the origins of many adult diseases are in the childhood or before, everyone should strive to pay attention to their children in primary care, nutrition, education, housing, environmental and social securities, toward the common goal of promoting optimum health throughout the fullness and completeness of life.

Key Points;

  • Adult diseases are due to the interaction of genetic and poor growth and nutrition in childhood.
  • Most acute childhood diseases are avoidable, controllable or treatable.
  • Many adult diseases have their genesis in early life, and are due largely to sustained adverse environmental influences and poor nutrition.

Nutrition In Infancy And Early Childhood Is Cornerstone In Development Of Life-Long Health.

Medical and scientific studies have proven that the body’s metabolic programming can be influenced by diet and nutrients from early infancy. As a result, the incidence and outcome of several metabolic diseases such as obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders have been found to be associated with birth weight, growth and feeding patterns, and the body composition in early childhood.


Nutrigen keeps children healthy, increases mental capacity, and improves their future economic value.
What we focus exactly is ‘Future Health’. Tomorrow, there will be not only health challenges such as mutational bacteria, exotic viruses, environmental toxins, but also social and economic challenges such as stress, unemployment, competition, over crowd and intelligence. Therefore, adults of tomorrow will need to struggle all of them perfectly. That’s why we created Nutrigen. Basic concept or technology lays down behind The Nutrigen brand is nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics are functional food ingredients of which the scientific evidence supports the health benefits. Nutrigenomics which mean personalizing food recipes and genes based designer diets, keep people healthy according to their individual genetic backgrounds that may carry potential risk to chronic disorders in adulthood life, because the interactions of genetics and environment, nature and nurture are the foundation for all health and disease.

Personalizing Foods:Is Genotype Necessary?
For such personalization, genotyping technologies are not necessary.

Under the lights of all of this information, Nutrigen nourishes children with nutrigenomics. Personalized nutrition is an effective approach on prevention, amelioration and treatment of diseases that requires no genotyping technologies.

Declining Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Composition Over the past 60 years there have been fundamental changes in the quality and quantity of food available in the UK and US. The character, growing method, source and ultimate presentation of basic foods have changed significantly to the extent that the trace elements and micronutrient contents have been severely depleted. Recent studies on nutrient ratios of fruits and vegetables show that median declines between 5% and 40% or more in minerals, vitamins and protein contents of foods, especially in vegetables. Consuming high amount of food which is poor in nutrients leads to high energy intake. This may cause obesity and obesity related disorders. All these findings made us think about brand that nourishes children effectively according to their specific needs and helps to build future health. There are lots of vitamins and mineral supplements in the market. Those tell about children development and growth, but none deals with future prospects of life and never take into consideration children’s adulthood life.