What makes Nutrigen Different ?

Basic concepts that lay behind the Nutrigen brand are Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics are functional food ingredients of the scientific evidence supports the health benefitsx...>>>


Nutrigen Drink It


Kids' Salutary Drink
Nutrigen Drink It, Drink It at School and Drink It during the Winter, are low calorie, fortified fruit drinks with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients provide additional benefits to children. Nutrigen Drink It at School a favorite drink with low energy, high vitamin-mineral with red fruits.
Nutrigen Drink It during the winter is fortified with beta glucans, vitamins and minerals which are scientifically known nutrients that boost the immune system and enhance personal resistance. >>>

Kids' Nutrigenomics


Nutrigen and Nutrigenomics
Today's challenge for both parents and paediatricians is to ensure that children are not only
born healthy and remain healthy as children, but also to ensure they grow up to be healthy
adults, because health in adulthood is deeply rooted in childhood.>>>